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Lonesome Road – Review

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How does the new Fallout: New Vegas DLC fare with a DLC newbie? Find out.


If you are a fan of Fallout: New Vegas and the extraordinary high standard at which the DLC is generally regarded. Lonesome Road is no different. This time you must go on a quest to avenge a former courier and one that brings new challeges and new locations to the game. When you start Lonesome Road, you must travel it alone. If you are used to your companions, as I was at this point in the game, learning to adapt to new ones proved to be difficult for me. The scenery of the Silo reminded me a lot of “The Pitt”, a Fallout 3 DLC pack. Upon entering, you are required to hack a lot of terminals in order to advance through the military grade silo. This was a welcome change. However, my luck quickly went south as I was ill-equipped and ill-prepared to play this DLC. My character was only a level 20 and while the game recommended a level 25 character at the minimum, I thought I could handle it and went ahead anyways. After several attempts to get past a certain point of the game, I reluctantly write this about it. Warning, you should be at least of level 25 to even start this quest. I’m not a fan of DLC that isn’t “self contained” I would have liked this to have been at least something I could have tried. I feel that even if I was at level 25 a lot of the enemies are vastly superior to those I was fighting in the normal game, I would not have survived long. That could have been a lot of player error on my part as well. I built a character that I thought fit me and the game. The game was getting harder because I mismanaged the character so badly.

– This adds a lot to an already huge game. You’ll get roughly 4 to 6 hours of gameplay not bad.
– Area is vastly different than that of “New Vegas” proper.
– A solid alternate “conclusion”. Without giving it away you’ll get some satisfaction out of it.
– Requires level 25. I would argue that most players should be of even higher level. The learning curve got really high really quick.
– This shouldn’t be your first DLC. I attempted this as a level 20 “jack of all trades” style of character. I was quickly beaten back down.

I can recommend this to fans of Fallout: New Vegas and are looking for some higher level missions and quests. You shouldn’t attempt this DLC without accomplishing one or two of the other DLC packs. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I argue if I was at level 30 when I strolled into it I would have had a much easier and enjoyable experience. That being said, it isn’t the fault of the DLC that my character wasn’t up to snuff. I did try it again later when I was closer to level 25 but I didn’t get much further. I will say that if you haven’t already purchased most of the DLC by this point, you should probably hold off until the inevitable “game of the year” edition comes out. If it was anything like past Fallout games, it will include all of the DLC.

I would say however, if you are looking for a challenge, this brings it on many levels. I really did enjoy what I did get to play of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish it.

A copy of “Lonesome Road” was provided for review. It was reviewed on an Xbox 360. The reviewer attempted the game three times and spent a total of six hours playing the DLC sections. I did not complete it however.

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