Ryan Wilson

Lone Survivor – Gameplay Teaser

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After many restarts upon cancellations upon restarts, we finally get a glimpse of Lone Survivor.

Lone Survivor, which is in development by Soul Brother creators Superflat Games, takes survival horror, a genre popularized in triangles and cubes, and transports it to the world of pixels. More importantly, they succeed in keeping it scary without resorting to photorealism.

Screw the routes that Silent Hill and Resident Evil has recently crossed, Lone Survivor remembers that survival is just as important in a survival horror game, as you must scramble through a desolate city collecting food, ammo, and flashlight batteries to keep you from monster-based extinction.

Unfortunately, we still have no release date on Lone Survivor, but the wait shouldn’t be too much longer if they’re able to keep up their current pace.

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