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LOL DNS Issues

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I’ve done it, but now it’s nice to know the most used website in the world has done it too.

This is a short one, but apparently Facebook derped up a bit yesterday around 4pm MT and was out of commission for some for a good 18 minutes…due to DNS translation problems. For those of you who don’t know what the EFF I’m going on about:

When you point your browser to their website (aka, there’s a shitload of servers that it could take you to and the way that FB and all websites work, even WPR, is that there are Domain Name Servers that translate that easy to remember name to machine octals that relate to IP Addresses. If you screw up your DNS settings, the only way people could reach the service is if they knew the specific IP address…which I’m sure you don’t, but could find out.

As a guy who owns and runs the backend of this place, I can tell you myself that it’s happened to me and it’s extremely frustrating, but I have the excuse of being one guy without a CS degree who does this for fun and media perks…Facebook is god-tier in their infrastructure and employees, it just makes me giggle a bit to see they’re capable of being human as well.

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