Alan Smithee

Lockheed Martin Unveils SR-72

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I know, I know, not really a Watch or a Play type of article but you have to understand that we’re a bunch of geeks for SCIENCE! and when we can post something techy about a jet that is said to be capable of surpassing mach 6, we sit up straight and post.


I find it interesting to see that Lockheed Martin is even letting something like this out into the public, especially since the things that “Skunk Works” usually creates are so very very top-secret hush hush. It’s a rare thing to send out a press release or even have an article in Aviation Week touting one of your secret projects.

The plane is a spiritual successor to the SR-71 and really shares only the naming convention with a +1, as this plane isn’t set to be merely a spy plane, but a fully functioning weapons platform capable of carrying a payload. I don’t want to go into too much detail as there is a ton of peripheral information on the Aviation Week website but I’m happy to see that the US military is planning on making more hypersonic aircraft, especially reusable ones.


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