Liverpool Planning To Build £5m Video Games Academy

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It’s no joke that the British games industry is struggling right now. We recently slipped behind Canada in the industry and most talent is slipping away from us to places like Canada and the United States because of various factors such as the issue of tax breaks. It doesn’t help that most of the talent still around is hold up in Scotland and the very north of England. So it looks like Liverpool (despite being home to Bizarre Creations and SCEE Liverpool) are planning to build a £5m Computer Games Academy. The academy would offer training in the various areas of  computer games as well as offer work placement training and links to Media City in Salford (a place for creative industries which is planned to be ready by 2011). This obviously won’t be happening straight away but it is at least planned.

Now most people think that academies like this aren’t good enough (and most of the industry) as a graduate from an academy will never be able to stand up to a computer science graduate. On the other hand though, it could really raise awareness and encourage more people to work in the British games industry. It might also force the city’s current universities to improve in order to compete with the planned academy. Finally, I’ll be selfish and say that it might bring some events to the city, which would make me a happy Gibbo. Regardless of what you think of academies, a waste of money is the only bad thing I can think of that would come out of this.

Source: Liverpool Daily Post

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