Live Action Akira Movie Still Coming

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If you didn’t already know Leonardo DiCaprio and his production company, Appian Way have been trying for a little while now to bring an American remake of Katsuhiro Otomos classic anime, Akira to the big screen.  Various writers have worked on the script of the past couple of years with nobody ever permanently on the project, this morning the guys over at Collider have found out that Iron Man and Children of Men scribes Mark Fergus & Hawk Ostby.

I always thought this was going to be one of those projects that was always ‘being developed’  but I’m a little more hopeful now the writers of two of my favorite films from the past couple of years are on board, the next question of course is who’s going to star?

Everybody’s assumed DiCaprio would always take the role of Kaneda, the hero of the film even though he’s a little to old for the part, I could certainly see his younger self doing well in role if the film had being made in the 90’s.  Personally I could see a guy like Chris Evans doing well in the role, he’s young enough to still pull of being in college and has enough action experience to pull off the rebellious anti-hero convincingly, plus I can see him looking amazing on that bike.

It’s the role of Tetsuo that interests me the most.  Russ Fischer over at Slashfilm reported a little that Joesph Gordon-Levitt was being considered for the part and is all I can say to that is fuck yes!  Levitt is perfect for a role like this, he’s young enough for the role and he’s a fantastic actor who should be able to bring the tormented Tetsuo to the big screen.

I’ve just gotten a little more excited for the film, providing they make it different enough to the original anime it could turn out pretty well. What do you guys think, make the film or leave the classic anime alone.

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