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Little Red Envelope #6: Battle for Terra

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In my mailbox this week:
Battle for Terra

Release Year: 2009
Staring: Evan Rachel Wood, Chris Evans, Luke Wilson

It must be the week of Animation. In my mailbox this week, was a little seen cinematic CGI movie, Battle for Terra. Originally created in 2007, it was re-filmed using a second camera angle, so that it could be released in 2009 in 3d. An interesting film, I found this movie to be simplistic and annoying.

Battle for Terra has interesting animation, if nothing else working for it. The story revolves around the peace loving natives of some remote planet. They can fly, although that interesting ability is never explained, or discussed. They don’t have wings, they kinda just hover. Well, along comes the big bad human race, who has been exiled from their home world, by way of self destruction. After generations of travel, they come along to the “first habitable world” they could find (which is not habitable) and decide to invade, and destroy every single living thing on the planet. Please note… Everything. Plants, animals, and sentients.

Mixed up in the battle, are Mala (a native of the planet ‘Terra’) [Evan Rachel Wood] and the Human pilot Jim Stanton (Luke Wilson). Stanton crashes on the planet, and is rescued from the planets deadly atmosphere by Mala. She some how builds a life support chamber, inside of her home, using plants, some green gas stuff, and linen. I kid you not, the air-tight chamber is constructed out of linen.

Mala’s father has been kidnapped by the Human forces from the Ark, who are trying to figure out the best way to exterminate the local population. So Stanton agrees to help Mala find her father. Then to kill Mala. Then to help Mala. Then to kill Mala. Then to help Mala.

The way that the character would flip between help and hinder at a moments notice, based off of what ANYONE told him to do, was the second most annoying thing about this movie. But the most annoying  thing was towards the end of the film.

I will just go ahead and say this now. One thing that I find completely annoying is the plot device of a military general/ President/ Senator/ or anyone who is in power; who is totally unwilling to listen to the advice of anyone around him.

You know, like the crew under his command who are in charge of the Mega-Gun/ Planet Destruction Device/ Submarine / Ground Forces. You know, the guys who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING? When they say to the general, “Sir, if we fire the mega-gun once more, the entire space station will be destroyed!” and the general responds, “Well, fire it anyway!” I basically am done with the show, and often try to find a brick or stone to chuck at my TV.

Battle for Terra used this annoying device just like everyone else does. To make the general / commander / who ever, seem even more like a prick than we already know he is.  Finally, the glaring plot hole of total world destruction. If you destroy the eco-system… Then how do you expect to survive. Duh.

So, my final comments. This movie was bad. Really bad. A young child might like it for the animation, but if you actually watch it; the story is horrible. It is somewhat violent, and probably not a good show for little kids.

How much alcohol did it take: Too much. Even 1 drink was a waste.
Rating: 2/10. The animation was good, but the story, plot, and acting were atrocious.

The Wife’s Retort: When you get past the plot holes, and the lackluster ‘acting’ you’re left with a re-run movie that has the same ol animation.

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