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Little Red Envelope #4: Push

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In my mailbox this week: Push

Release Year: 2009
Staring: Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning

Somehow, I think, Push, was one of those movies that slipped through the cracks. I remember (vaguely) that it was in the theaters, but not too much else. I think it might have been blurred in with, and confused with, the cinematic master-turd, Jumper; which is strange since Push was released almost a year later. Perhaps the premise seemed just a little too familiar, and our tastes a little soured, but Push provided much of what Jumper was lacking.

Because these two movies share much in the way of plot, and I had seen Jumper before, I will use it for some comparison. Where Jumper starred the Most-Incredible-Actor-To-Ever-Live ever, Hayden Christensen (It’s Opposite day!) Push star’s Chris Evans. Evans, probably best known for his portrayal of Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, in the Fantastic 4 movies, plays the part of Nick Grant. Grant is a fugitive from a secret government agency called , Division. A remnant of World War II paranormal development work. Nick’s father was being pursued by division, when Nick was young, and now division is chasing a mysterious girl who has a mysterious past, and a mysterious future. Oh, and add in the very disturbing pre-pubescent-trying-to-dress-slutty-13-year-old-psychic-who-draws-the-future-but-can’t-draw-worth-a-damn (the wife described her as dressed like a  “prostitot”.) Dakota Fanning.

With all this junk mixed into the bunch, the film turns out to be surprisingly enjoyable. The plot moves along at a fairly decent clip. You come across numerous different types of paranormal’s (or Pusher’s [can change people’s thoughts], mover’s [can move objects], bleeder’s [they scream really really loud], and watcher’s [can see the future or other places / times], and stitcher’s [who can heal, or hurt]) and it takes a while to get used to the concepts. It isn’t all that different from, say, Xmen. There are people among us who have talents you can’t even imagine. But it does break apart in that it seems like everyone on earth has these talents, and they flaunt them so much that it seems odd that Division is a ‘secret’ organization.

The film continues on well and fine, until around the 3/4 mark. A plan is developed that doesn’t seem like it could possibly work. Nick somehow can see the future, and writes notes for everyone else to follow at specific times. But this entire sequence doesn’t really seem to matter to the whole story. It’s used for only a few minutes, and in the end seem largely ineffective.

Push seems like it has a predictable plot, but you would probably be wrong. We were guessing the ending about half way through, and ended totally missing the mark. It will leave you guessing all the way up to the end. Evans doesn’t strike you for a moment, as the same actor who played Storm in Fantastic 4. With Evan’s coming in as Captain America in a few years, his acting in this movie should give you some hope that he will do a decent job.

Fanning, on the other hand, is disturbing. Perhaps it is because she is acting older, acting towards a transition age of teenage-hood, but is doing it from the minor side; I don’t know. I just found her character and her acting to be out-of-balance with the rest of the film.

Visually, the film is strong. The lighting and camera work fits in with the context. There are very few scenes that are jarring to the viewer, and honestly some of the fight scenes play out pretty well. I mean, watching bullets flying, and being bounced of of psychic force fields, is really cool.

So Push gets a recommend. It might not be the replacement for Xmen 2, but it is much much better than Jumper.

How much alcohol did it take: Two days, and not too much drinking.
Rating: 8/10. It left me surprised. The videography was interesting, and the powers were amusing. There were a few logic holes in the plot, and a couple of concepts that didn’t really make sense, but overall it was more fun that I was expecting.

The Wife’s Retort: Half way through, you think you know the ending. Your probably wrong.

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