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LRE #11: Hot Tub Time Machine

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In my mailbox this week:
Hot Tub Time Machine

Release Year: 2010
Staring: John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry,

Imagine if you will, the most horrible week ever. Your wife leaves you. Your friend tries to kill himself. Your live-in nephew, ridicules your non-understanding of the geek life style.

What else can you do, but take a vacation. Back to where the best times of your life were, Kodiak Valley sky resort. But the town, the ultimate memory of your youth… is in squallier. Nothing is as it was. Boarded up buildings, horrible conditions… the depression sets in.

Hopefully, some drunken antics in the hot tub can help rejuvenate the situation. But what if, just what if, that hot tub malfunctions? Turns itself into a temporal vortex and transports you back to when you were kings! 1987. But things definitely aren’t the way you remember.

….. Great White Buffalo. great white buffalo…….

Seriously, this movie is CAMPY. It’s a total throw back to a style of movie that brings to mind Caddyshack, Meatballs, Stripes, Better Off Dead, and other truly great 80’s movies. The action is low key, it really isn’t the point in this show. It’s all about cheese and dialog.

The film is more of a situational comedy, designed to make you ask yourself about your life. Was there one moment, one weekend perhaps, where everything changed. If you could go back to that one moment, and change something…. Would you? Could you? I mean, what if you hadn’t broken up with that girl you loved so much. What would have happened to your life.

Well, with a little bit of guidance from non other than Chevy Chase (playing the part of the ‘master of time’ or ‘god’ or some sort of….. Hot Tub Time Machine (repair man); the group realizes that they shouldn’t change anything. Something about a butterfly effect. Eh who cares?!

This movie is a riot. I was laughing hysterically at times. The dialog and exchanges are perfect. The characters are perfect. Even to the point of mocking themselves. I mean, John Cusack? Back in the 80’s? That’s enough for me right there.

This movie gets a high recommend. It’s profane, there is a pretty funny but nude hot tub scene, and there are moments of physical violence and sexuality.  So save putting it in, till after the kids have gone to sleep. But do watch. This movie is what Snakes on a Plane SHOULD have been.

Did I mention bonus points for Crispin Glover being in it?

How much alcohol did it take: A few very welcome drinks. Not necessary, but excellent accompaniment to the show.
Rating: 8/10. One of the funniest show’s I have seen in a while. Campy, but still classic. All the main actors we excellent in their rolls. The references to Karate Kid and even Better Off Dead, were just icing on the cake.

The Wife’s Retort: With the fact that I love the 80’s and John Cusack movies; liking this one was kind of a given. But I didn’t realize I would love it. It is one of those awesomely bad movies. So bad, that it becomes awesome.

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