Little Big Planet 2 First Impressions

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Another heaping helping of your favorite little stuffed buddy.

If you played the first, you likely were waiting for this one with bated breath.  It kept all the good things you loved about it from Stephen Fry’s buttery voice even to all the scraps, stickers, and costumes you’ve already collected.

The controls are equal with nothing changing more than a few tools you can use like power gloves and grappling hooks (changes the platforming from Mario-esque to Bionic Commando-esque).  If you are one of the few to own a Playstation Move, it has some limited capability for that as well.

Music, as with the first, is catchy and adds to the lighthearted fun.  Favorite so far is the classical music remixes from Larry Da Vinci’s levels.

That's right… Larry.

The game so far has taken the lighthearted fun of the first and added more awesome.  The very first boss had me on the edge of my seat fighting a giant robotic ape… thing.  The camera angles and cutscenes, though a small change, is a very helpful concept with the mood and story.

I’ll leave you with a good trailer showing a wide variety of things capable with this game from the hectic platforming from the first to racing cars from a top down view and even making a new-age space invaders!


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