Alan Smithee

Limbo Coming to XBLA This Summer

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I'm getting a serious Herdy Gerdy feel from this...only more pretty and meaningful.

Independent Games Festival finalist Limbo, created by studio Playdead, will be released this year on Xbox 360, and I can hardly contain myself. We need a good platformer this year to rival the experience that Twisted Pixel gave us with ‘Splosion Man last year.

Limbo is the story of a young boy who travels to the edge of Hell in an attempt to locate his long lost sister. Sure it sounds a bit like the story for Dante’s Inferno, but the main draws for this game are the visual effects and art direction that are just stunning, especially for it being an independent game.

The black and white 3D platformer is set to be released sometime this summer (no exact release date as of right now), probably sometime after the IGF awards. They’d be smart to capitalize on the press they’ll receive for having two nominations at this years awards ceremony for Technical Excellence and Best Art.

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