Ryan Wilson

Prepare Yourself for the Feast!

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Hot off the heels of a very strong Summer of Arcade, Microsoft is ready to bring another seasonal promotion into the mix: Game Feast. Starting September 29th, the Xbox 360 will see a weekly release of another highly anticipated game, ending the promotion with the “delayed for far too long” release of Super Meat Boy. The game release schedule is as follows:

September 29th: Hydrophobia, a survival horror title touting some very impressive water effects.
October 6th: Comic Jumper, the newest title from Splosion Man developer Twisted Pixel.
October 13th: Pinball FX 2, the sequel to Zen Studio’s massive pinball simulator
October 20th: Super Meat Boy, a masochistic 2D platformer with heart.

Like the previous promotion, every title can be purchased for 1200 Microsoft Points. There is no current word on if this promotion will include a rebate system.

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