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Let Me Reintroduce Myself

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My name is Xopher Reed…that’s EX-OH-FER…or Chris if you really know me. I started this here website up a little over 4 years ago in the summer of 2007, July if I recall. That’s neither here nor there really, since it has gone through a few changes since I started it up. The first was the name change, well, because people tend to not want to type the word whore into a URL when at work, therefore WatchPlayRead was born out of an IRC discussion.

Yes, IRC…all the cool kids were doing it then. Hell I wish I still could if it weren’t for the FIREWALL of DEATH at my job. The same firewall that keeps me from doing any late night tinkering with the site’s code or what have you.

In the past year, I’ve gone through some pretty interesting life changes, keep in mind these aren’t excuses for my not being here on the website, just more of a “keep this in mind as to why I might not have been blogging as often”.

First up is the birth of my twins. Having one kid is work enough, but Mrs. X’s womb decided to drop two eggs at one time and my superswimmers did what they were genetically programmed to do and 9 months later we had 2 beautiful baby girls. Babies aren’t that hard to care for since they mostly sit where you place them and sleep a whole bunch. You just have to change diapers often and feed them all the time. It’s when the kids hit 9-12 months and get ambulatory, then you have a problem.

I love being a dad, nothing else will come before my kids…this website included. Sorry, but it’s not something I take lightly. So kids, three in total, all needing lots of attention and lots of time. Life 1 WPR 0

Second, I got a wild hair in my ass last year and decided to stop being a fatass. Now that I’ve got 3 kids that I want to raise up the right way, I want to be a good example to them and give them a dad that will be there for their latter years and one who isn’t adverse to running in the park. This translated into me doing more physically active things in my life, the biggest being running. I’ve got a 30+ mile a week habit right now and I’m currently training for a marathon. Life 2 WPR 0

Finally, I accepted a position at my Clark Kent job (think about it) that has made me a hell of a lot more responsible and buried underneath mountains of monotonous monotony. The work hasn’t really changed but I now have subordinates that need guidance. So essentially I’m the shift manager at a McDonalds instead of the cashier. Life 3 WPR 0

Needless to say, I’ve been essentially AFK for the last 6 months as I’ve not had the ability to spend the ample time on the website that I used to. I hope you all forgive me and lend me your ears as I attempt to rekindle and restart this writing thing. I don’t really have the time or energy most of the time to get really geeked out about upcoming movies, shows, music, or gaming like I used to…but like anyone whose been in my situation, those that I do care about will be INTENSE. Oh and expect there to be some upcoming crossover with the fitness blog as the main staff of WPR try to lose our fat asses one pound at a time.

Until then, this is the Shogun…publishing his first post in months.

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