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Leslie Nielsen is Dead

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There’s no way to sugar-coat news like this for all of you fans who enjoyed his work. Those who might not have heard about this or are wondering what has happened, or if by some miracle you don’t know who Leslie Nielsen is…you know what to do

Mr. Nielsen passed away yesterday due to complications from pneumonia. He was surrounded in his family in his Ft. Lauderdale home Sunday evening when he finally succumbed to the illness. He was 84 years old and had an extensive acting career spanning dramatic to comedic roles throughout his life.

Nielsen is probably most well known for his role as Lt. Frank Drebin from the television series Police Squad, which went on to have 3 spin-off movies falling under the title of The Naked Gun. He was a go-to character for just about any David Zucker movies, including Airplane!, Scary Movie, and so many others that defined modern slapstick comedy.

I speak for everyone here at WPR when I say that he will be missed. To help ease your pain, I’ve included some of my favorite scenes featuring Mr. Nielsen, enjoy!

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