James Helsby

Leonard Nimoy in the new Transformers movie

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The Dark of the Moon is coming in July, and it looks like a super-secret voice actor was tapped to have a key-roll.

Nimoy, who is no stranger to the Transformers universe (he was the voice of Unicron in the original 1986 animated feature) will be playing the part of a ‘firetruck.’ Although it is speculated that this will be a new character of ‘Sentinel Prime.’

Which, unfortunately, makes no sense. You see, the last movie’s ENTIRE DAMN PLOT was focused on Optimus Prime being the last of the Prime’s. So unless this is all some crazy flash back sequence, then Sentinel Prime is a little out-of-sorts with the rest of the Micheal Bay story.

Well, it doesn’t really matter to me. I will still go and see it excitedly. *gruff* …should have been Ultra Magnus.


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