Leisure Suit Larry HD Remakes Coming

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The would be womaniser will be the latest character to take part in the Adventure Game revival EGM revealed today.Replay Games have acquired the rights to the Leisure Suit Larry franchise and will kick things off my re-making the first game in HD and its six sequels. For this project they’ll be working with series creator Al Lowe and the games will be coming to (at least) PC, iOS, Android, XBLA and PSN.

As well as remaking the first seven games, there are plans in the far future to make new Leisure Suit Larry games although it seems that’ll all depend on how successful this revival is. That being said though, with the return of adventure games in recent years, it shouldn’t have trouble providing it’s faithful to the original games and is, you know, actually good.

Are you looking forward to the originally Sierra character making his return or this one character you would have rather have been left dead? You can find more information and some concept art at EGM.

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