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BrickCon - LEGO

We all get old, but LEGO bricks never do…

So BrickCon happened and it was awesome! I mean, who doesn’t love LEGO? They’re that toy that you can play with at any age. I had the chance to attend BrickCon at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall this last weekend and can now say that it is probably one of my best and worst experiences at a convention thus far.

I’ll start with the bad just to get it out of the way as they are minor but enough of an issue to address. The Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, though conveniently located in the Seattle Center, was a little on the small side for the amount of venders, exhibitionists and guests who made BrickCon happen. Vendor’s were set up around the perimeter of the hall while the center of the room showcased the builders and their creations. The flow of the room seemed off with people packing themselves around small tables to purchase anything from LEGO heads to LEGO sets. I found it almost near impossible to talk with any of the vendors due to the traffic jam surrounding the outer parts of the room.

My last rant; The shear amount of visitors made the room hot beyond comprehension. No air flow and lots of bodies make for many sweaty people. This isn’t the fault of BrickCon, but was worth noting for the venue purposes.

BrickCon - LEGO

 I, for one, have never seen so many gosh darn LEGOs in my life.

The great thing about having the vendor tables at BrickCon was all the neat stuff you could buy. For instance, the multitude of weapons available was insane. Not to mention tiny weapons are just so dang cute!

BrickArms had anything from a machete to a ray gun for sale. If you are looking for any type of weapon (or other military accessories) I suggest checking BrickArms out before you go anywhere else. The team was friendly and the artillery was extensive.

I met BRICKSTORMS at Rose City Comic Con earlier this year and they also attended BrickCon. They have some of the coolest vehicle sets for build including, a LEGO ECTO (from Ghostbusters) and a Blocking Dead set for your very own miniature apocalypse.

Want to show other people how much you love LEGOs? BrickShirts has some pretty sweet tees for adults and kids.

For the ladies who love bricks there were a number of handmade accessories vendors who were just out to make you look even more nerdier. LEGO earrings, necklaces and rings are just a few of the adorable pieces available. One of my favorite’s was Cutebricks whose display was colorful and full of well made brick jewelry. I loved them so much that I purchased a necklace of my own. Check out their Facebook page here.

Another thing BrickCon does well is showcasing the talent of hobbyists from around the world. The center of the hall was filled with some amazing and extremely intricate builds done by people young and old. Head over to our Facebook page to check out the talent in our BrickCon photo album here.

If you missed BrickCon 2013, don’t fret ’cause BrickCon will return in 2014. Make sure you stay tuned to their site to catch all the info for next year.

LEGO super fan Tom Kerns (right) with Jamie Berard - LEGO Designer (Left)!

LEGO super fan Tom Kerns (right) with Jamie Berard – LEGO Designer (Left)!

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