League of Legends Donates Your Purchases to Tsunami Relief

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If you ever needed a reason to justify micro-transactions, now is the time!

A new post up on the League of Legends blog has an opportunity for the League of Legends community to help out those who are suffering from the March 11th Tsunami.

“From now until 12:00pm on Sunday the 27th, all proceeds from the purchase of Nurse Akali or RP purchases of the champion Akali will be donated to the Red Cross to help those in need following this tragic occurrence”

To help players make the jump they have discounted the Champion and her Charity skin by 50%. This is a nice way to not only get people interested in the game, but show the world that we gamers do care, even if we’re busy yelling at each other for feeding the enemy team. Hopefully they’ll do the same with the champion Shen and his Dr. Shen skin. Via [League of Legends Website]

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