Alan Smithee

Lawn Murderers!

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This week has been utter shit for your fearless leader and I’ll tell you why. It seems that the real world that I surround myself with is conspiring to keep me away from my beloved Media Whore. The podcast we recorded on Sunday has yet to be edited or posted (though BigPopaGamer has just notified me that he’s done the editing, so I owe him a BJ one of these days), I’ve written one whole post since Saturday afternoon, and the day job has gotten much more intense. Yeah I know, all you hear right now is ‘excuses, excuses, excuses’ right?

Last night was the cherry on top of the whole buttfuck sundae. I got home from my 13 hour workday, looked into the backyard of my recently purchased house, and found out that my retarded neighbors left their 4-year old son in charge of watering the backyard. It may seem cute to allow a little kid to water plants and play with a hose, but please for the love of Crom, make sure the little bastard shuts off the fucking spigot when they’re done…

The picture above should do sufficiently to illustrate the amount of standing water I had in my yard that I spent most the night until the sun went down siphoning and bailing into other parts of the yard and into the city park right behind that white fence in the picture. This week has been hell, but at least its nearly over.

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