Robert Chesley Radio Moving To “Subscriber Only” On Devices

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According to an email sent out to all it’s members, will be moving their radio on mobile and other devices to subscriber only starting February 15th.

Here is the complete transcript of the email:

We want to share with you an important update about our radio service:

From February 15 you will need to be a subscriber to listen to Radio stations on devices, including your Android app.

No other features are affected by this change.

In taking this decision, we have given a lot of thought to how this impacts some of our early adopters and long-time users like you. We truly appreciate what you have meant to our growth and success, and offer you the following as a token of our thanks;

Every subscriber who received the email also got a free three month subscription upgrade. I was planning on eventually signing up to be a subscriber anyways so this will only let me put it off for a few months. As someone who almost exclusively listens to music through their service, I think this is a pretty good move. Listening to music on the go without having to worry about downloading things and it all scrobbles to my five year account is pretty nifty. It sucks for people who like things for free (I mean don’t we all?) but is, in my opinion, far superior in almost every way to Pandora.

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