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The Last Fall #1 – War: What is it Good For?

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IDW releases a sci-fi limited series that asks us to define what war means to us with The Last Fall.

Last Fall

The Last Fall #1
Writer: Tom Waltz
Artist: Casey Maloney
Colorist: Dusty Yee
Publisher: IDW
Release Date: July 16, 2014

Get a copy of sent to Last Fall #1 (of 5) (Subscription Variant) you! Space travel not optional.

Two habitable planets in the same galaxy battle for their survival in The Last Fall, written by Tom Waltz. While fighting a holy war with the desert planet Krovin as a masquerade, Merkonia invades the technologically infantile planet in all-out combat. The conflict (which has waged on for a number of years) has absorbed both communities into its fold, creating passionate devotion.  However, Merkonia has inflated the religious angle of the clash in order to cover up what it really wants – a fossil fuel that is only found in the core of Krovin. Due to the galaxy’s entrance into its suns red dwarf phase, the Merkonian leaders are using every excuse to get their people passionately involved. The hero of our story – Marcus Fall, a Merkonian lieutenant – has his own reasons for fighting in the war. Fall has lost everyone he loves to the years of fighting and his faith also dwindles in the process. Refusing to believe either side truly fights for their religious beliefs, Marcus fights in order to avenge his family.

Writer Tom Waltz effectively creates a universe that is both believable in its science and mythology. The conflict seems so familiar as it percolates the question of why we fight epic battles. Do we fight for ourselves or the greater “good”? Casey Maloney creates beautiful landscapes and emotional designs that fit Waltz’s clear descriptions of his main characters. I could truly hear their voices as I read their individual dialogue. The limited series is set to end at issue 5, and I am anxious to see how Waltz plays out this epic battle in such a short run.

Pick a side and prepare to pledge your allegiance to The Last Fall.

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