Lady Gaga threatens London store selling Baby Gaga

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Apparently Lady Gaga thinks she has a hold over the word Gaga.She is threatening a store in Covent Garden, London about the sale of their Baby Gaga Ice Cream. She claims the store is riding on her success and will take legal action if the store doesn’t stop the sale of the Ice Cream.

Only…the store isn’t selling the ice cream right now. This is because it is made from human breast milk, which has led to Westminster’s Food Standards department confiscating it to check whether it meets the right hygiene requirements. Matt O’Connor, owner of the store, denies that there’s anything wrong with the milk, saying it was donated by a blood donor who was screened by him and a clinic. That issue aside, this story is just hilarious.

Riding on her success or not, what possible legal action does Lady Gaga think she can take? She doesn’t own the word, anyone can use it. I could start calling myself Gibbo Gaga on here and there would be no problems with that. What is she going to do next, go after Queen because the song Radio Ga Ga was clearly riding on her future success?  Not to mention there’s some delicious irony here. As the owner points out, Lady Gaga is complaining about this product when she has a dress made of rotting meat. The irony speaks for itself.

I can’t see anything coming out of this for her. If anything, Madonna should threaten legal action for Lady Gaga totally ripping her off.

Source: The Guardian

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