Lady Gaga Premiers Music Video for ‘The Edge of Glory’

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It’s no secret that I’m an enormous Gaga fan and at WPR we believe that all forms of media be it video games, manga, novels, and yes even music and music videos deserve a chance on the front page.

‘The Edge of Glory’ is the third single off of Lady Gaga’s newest album ‘Born this Way’ and is a simple but soulful love letter to Gaga’s late grandfather. With a deep heavy beats and some nice sax playing from E Street Band’s very own Clearence Clemons, EoG is a pretty damn good track.

The video, featured above, is not what you’d expect from your typical Lady Gaga video in that there are minimal shots and that Gaga is alone minus Clarence who sits on a door stoop playing his jazzy heart out.

Check out the video, and let us know what you think about it compared to her other videos in the comments and remember that I will always be working against all of you for my Lady Gaga agenda.

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