Lady Deadpool #1 One-Shot

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lady deadpool has some awesome bewbageLady Deadpool first appeared less than a year ago in Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #7. She and Deadpool first encountered when our Deadpool was dimension traveling, along with Zombie Head Deadpool, trying to return Zombie Head Deadpool to his own dimension. Later, when at team of Deadpools from alternate realities where gathered, she became a founding member of Deadpool Corps, along with Deadpool, Kidpool, Headpool, and Dogpool. Now Lady Deadpool has been given her own oneshot.

The story follows that Lady Deadpool’s cable has gone out, and she cannot watch her stories. She is forced to leave her house for what appears to be the first time in a very long time. Upon leaving her house she discovers that T.V. is out everywhere.

Subsequently she joins a revolutionary group that she believes is trying to restore T.V. to the people, and falls in love with the leader “Che.” In the third act, General America arrests “Che” as a terrorist and Lady Deadpool is then paid with casserole to rescue him. She ultimately goes toe to toe with General America, and goofiness ensues.

Mary Choi marks her comic debut in this issue of Lady Deadpool. Choi shows an increadble understanding of Lady Deadpool, which is saying something, because Deadpool is infinitely complex and incredibly simple. Choi seems to understand what the Deadpool audience wants, and doesn’t hold anything as sacred.

I particularly enjoyed when General America said “Hark are my awesomely winged ears burnin?” She shows a lot of promise in her future as a comic book writer.

This book is exactly what its target audience is looking for, however if you are not a Deadpool fan you might not find much here. The artwork is simply average, but no one reads a Deadpool title because its attractive. The long and the sort is parts with Lady Deadpool are genuinely funny, however she seem to be a secondary character for much of her own book.

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