LA Noire Is Coming To PC

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Rockstar’s critically acclaimed Noir game is coming to PC which means the vaginas of murdered women will be at a higher resolution than ever. Details are scarce right now, with Rockstar Games Found Sam Houser literally just saying that it’s coming. This is great news for anyone who’s been holding out on the game though or just wants to play the game on PC. It’s got its flaws but it really is a great game and is a good example of the direction video games should be going in for trying to tell a good story. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not GTA in the 1940s in the slightest. Sure it’s still got that sandbox feel but it’s pretty damn linear and is much more focused on the story and detective work. If anything, it’s an adventure game.

Someone optimistic would hope that Rockstar may include higher resolution textures in the PC version too, because as amazing as the facial animation is in the game, the blurry body and hair textures do dissuade a little from being immersed in the game. The game will still look good though, especially in the resolutions PCs offer. It took a few months for the PC port of GTA IV to get released so If I was to guess I’d say LA Noire won’t be out on PC till at least the end of the year.

UPDATE: The official post reveals some more details about the PC version.

– It’s out this fall.
– Rockstar Leeds are handling the porting job.
– There will be support for 3D.
– Keyboard remapping and Gamepad functionality are present as should be.

Source:Rock Paper Shotgun

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