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Kosinski, Please Don’t Jinx Tron 3

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Please Joe, don’t curse a movie that we all want to see! You should try calming down and take a few seconds to breathe before starting in on the Tron 3 hype…our databases and my fingers can’t take the extra work!

To say the least, WatchPlayRead is a VERY pro-Tron website. We’ve done the maths on how long Kevin Flynn was on the grid, teasers and reviews of the soundtrack, seriously…anything we can get our hands on that is Tron related is considered GOLD here at WPR. I guess the streak continues as we have seen Mr. Kosinski stating that Tron 3 will be more awesomer.

“Now that we’ve got the backstory out of the way and we know this world and we know these characters, there’s a lot of freedom that comes with the next film. When you look at Empire Strikes Back or The Dark Knight, sequels that were able to take the stories and characters to whole new places because you’d done all the hard work ahead of time, that’s a really exciting thing.”

I know that I’ll be there on opening day for whatever Tron comes out next. It could be a Tron movie based in the universe of Pride and Prejudice and I’d still gladly hand over the $15 for the movie ticket at my local IMAX. I just don’t think that the world is ready for more Tron news right now…though I hope they tease the hell out of the next one at Comic-Con 2011.


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