Konami Kills Metal Gear Fan-Made Remake

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The mod team calling themselves Outer Haven (reference to a location in the series) was well underway in their masterful remake of the original MSX version of Konami’s Metal Gear, until they hit a speedbump last year in the form of Konami saying stop.

That bump was a short lived one due to there being an agreement that Konami wouldn’t kill the fan project if they promised to NOT make a profit from the game’s release.

Well, scrap that idea as Konami changed their minds and said stop once again. This time permanently. It’s a damn shame considering how far along the project was and that they also had the voice work of Metal Gear alumni and “the voice” of Solid Snake, David Hayer. My guess is that Konami is planning on remaking the game themselves whether it be KCEJ or Kojima himself at the lead of doing so.

Still though, it’s a shame.

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