Konami Announces Metal Gear Plans Post Phantom Pain

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Just a few weeks ago, there was a bit to-do concerning the future of the Metal Gear Solid series after it was revealed that Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear, Snatcher, Policenauts) and members of his entourage known as Kojima Productions will be departing Konami after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is released in September.

Evidence of the imminent departure comes on the heels of Konami removing all mention of the creator (Kojima) and his studio from the corporate website, and renaming the Kojima Productions’ twitter account to a watered down Metal Gear. From the report courtesy of Gamespot, Kojima is currently a contractor with Konami, not a full-time employee which might further suggest either a positive or negative reasoning for his departure.

Konami has struck back saying in a statement to the press:

“Konami Digital Entertainment, including Mr. Kojima, will continue to develop and support Metal Gear Products.”

You can take his departure with a grain of salt since he himself hasn’t said precisely what is going on, however he had said on March 4, 2015 that this was indeed his last MGS game.

In an effort to keep the ball rolling on one of Konami’s AAA game series, the company let it be known to the world that they are planning on making more of the series and had a link to the Konami job page where staff with “high-end” game development experience could apply for positions working on the next iteration of the series.

“The latest entry in the series, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, will be released with Hideo Kojima as originally announced on September 1, 2015 in North America, Central and South America and Europe as well as on September 2 in Japan and elsewhere in Asia.

After the release of MGSV: TPP, Konami plans to also continue releasing titles in the Metal Gear series. We would like to offer our deep gratitude for your continued support of the Metal Gear series.”

I personally would relish it if Konami would turn out a new MGS game every two years, if it can happen with Assassin’s Creed, it for sure could happen with Metal Gear Solid, my mind spins just thinking about potential spin-off series. Let’s face it, Revengeance was pretty damn awesome.

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