James Helsby

Kneel before Zod! Zod to be villain in new Superman Remake

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Well, it’s been confirmed. The new Zach Snyder Superman reboot/retelling will feature none other than General Zod as the nemesis.

Michael Shannon (no major parts, but you might know him from Before the Devil Knows your Dead, or Boardwalk Empire) has been cast to reprise the role of General Zod in Synder’s remake of Superman. Zod was first shown on the big screen by iconic actor Terence Stamp (Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Yes Man, Phantom Menace, etc.), in the original 1978 Richard Donnor cut of Superman. Although the various different versions of that film left his appearence on the cutting room floor.

Shannon, while not having any major parts to his dosciere, does bring a powerful appearence to the part. His features are very reminiscent of Stamp during his mid 30’s and 40’s. We can only hope that this will bring some goodness to the Snyder remake, as many other aspects of the casting and film leave much to be desired.

But what this confirmation does tell us, is that Snyder is no straying to far from the typical story line. And although it has been promised to be “unlike anything done before,” it is starting to bring an air of similarity with it.


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