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Kite – Trailer

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>Here is your first look at the Western live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime OVA that came out in 1998.

The story, originally by Yasuomi Umetsu (Gatchaman, Lupin III, Robot Carnival) is that of a schoolgirl named Sawa who is orphaned by a gruesome and gory double murder and subsequently becomes at first a sex slave and later trained as an assassin by her guardians. She eventually meets up with a fellow teen assassin and plans on leaving her criminal life with him by her side.

The anime was very controversial across the globe due to the sex scenes and gore but also a cult favorite…so much so that not only did the band No Doubt use a scene in their video for “Ex-Girlfriend” but Quentin Tarantino also recommended to the actress that played Gogo Yubari (the kid assassin) watch the movie to prepare for her role in Kill Bill.

The live action movie stars Sam Jackson as Sawa’s father’s ex-partner who is helping her track down his killer. The movie was filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa and is being released by the Weinstein Company this year.

I’m not expecting Shakespeare but it should at least be a great rental.


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