Kim Harrison’s The Undead Pool, Book #12 of The Hollows series

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The Undead Pool is a wonderful addition to a riveting series. Kim Harrison has once again brought to life her vivacious characters, in her world of shadow and light.17285883

Wave after wave of wild magic is flowing across Cincinnati, causing charms to go catastrophically wrong, and putting all the undead in the city to sleep. Without Master Vampires to control their children, the living vampires are running amok in the city, drinking and killing indiscriminately. Chaos reigns, it has to stop before the undead die their second death. With help from Trent Kalamak, my favorite vulgar pixie Jenks, and the adolescent gargoyle Bis, Rachel has to find out where these magic waves are coming from, before the wayward magic destroys Cincinnati.

I very much enjoy reading The Hollows series. Kim Harrison has brought to life a fun alternative reality fantasy world.  Post plague America with magic, and a gamut of fantasy creatures living average American lives in suburbia. The play of fear, and resulting hatred, between the various parties bring to the front the very human aspects of bigotry, while not bogging down the story line.

As we follow our impulsive heroine, Rachel Morgan, through the colorful world Ms. Harrison has created, the reader gets to watch Rachel grow and mature.  Starting with a black and white view of the world around her, Rachel is forced to face her own preconceived notions of people, magic, and who she is supposed to be. She fosters friendships with members of all the various species around her, keeps her own moral standards, and in the vein of any good heroine she always saves the day, though often creating new problems to deal with along the way.

This book falls under what I classify as bathtub books. A little titillating without being too raunchy.  It is a feel good read that you want to curl up somewhere warm and comfy with a hot drink to enjoy.

The Undead Pool will be available nationwide on February 25, 2014 for $27.99 in Hardcover from the publisher Harper Voyager. An ARC was supplied for review purposes.

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