Alan Smithee

Killzone 3 – Story Trailer

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I have no words to describe how awesome this game is looking. True, it might just be in-game engine graphics that are rendered into a cutscene, but still. This game is going to be fucking awesome.

We find out a bit more this time around about the fate of the ISA and the Helghast after the events in Killzone 2. Now that there’s a power struggle to lead the Helghast, it seems that there will be greater drama in this game than there was in the sequel. I’m mostly excited because you have some great voice talent making it into this game, namely from Malcolm McDowell, who plays the Stahl Arms CEO, and Ray Winstone, a Helghast admiral.

The game is out next month on the 22nd. Get your pre-orders in now for what looks to be an awesome experience.


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