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Killzone 3 – E3 Videos

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that is a knife going into the eyeball of a helghast through his fucking goggles. this game just got my respect for having a stealth kill like that.

Am I the kind of guy to hype things that will suck? NO! That’s why when I tell you that Killzone 3 will fucking rock my socks off, you should believe me…I’m just your normal Joe-Everyman who loves his console FPS games. Seriously the screengrab up there should tell you volumes as to why I can’t stand not having this game in my PS3 right now.

Luckily the guys from Gamespot are willing to share with us their videos for Killzone 3, as you’ll see in the 3 that we’ve borrowed from them.

First up is Air Raid, which seems to be a gunship heavy section of the game. If you can’t read that small print…this game is still in pre-alpha and looks that good.

Second, we have close quarters and it features the ‘knife in the eye’ stealth kill that I was raving about earlier. SQUEEEEEEEE!

Finally we have leaping around, this video has our hero stealing one of the jetpacks that was shown in the previous video and having a blast dicking around the level with it on.

Sure, it might not be the best game ever, but it’s seriously jumped about 5-6 places up my gaming queue. Sadly, I still need to go out and get Killzone 2. If it looks half as good as this one, I’m sure I’ll like it.

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