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Kevin Tsujihara Wants Wonder Woman Movie

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Who the hell is Kevin Tsujihara? I don’t expect you to know off the top of your head, but when the CEO of Warner Bros. wants a movie made, it tends to happen…just look at Green Lantern.

kevin Tsujihara WB ceo

Mr. Tsujihara was speaking at a conference the other day and managed to tell the crowd seated there that he definitely wants to focus on Wonder Woman as the next puzzle piece in forming a Justice League movie since they’ve already got Superman and Batman off to a good start.

With the success of Arrow on the CW network and their upcoming Flash television series, it seems that DC has somewhat found a niche market for their IPs. I only worry that they’ll end up with another series of stinkers like the aforementioned Green Lantern (which wasn’t terrible!) or Watchmen (another excellent movie that didn’t fare well at the box office).


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