Kevin Butler Tells Us About Gran Turismo 5

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Kevin Butler, VP of Add More Awesome, is possibly one of the best moves Sony has ever made when it comes to marketing and advertising. I’ve always thought that most adverts should just cut the bullshit and tell us what we want to hear. Artistic adverts are especially annoying. For example, why would a pair of dancers persuade a normal person to buy a car? Okay, so it might be impossible to cut all of the bullshit when advertising product but Kevin Butler sure does it in a way that makes us laugh. His latest ad has him talking to the first person in line for Gran Turismo 5 about what’s included in the game (Perhaps they’ve been in that line for 5-6 years). 1000 cars? Sure. Damage? Alright. Online Community? Great. Stealing Supercars? Well…

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