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Keiji Inafune Wants You to Fund Mega Man Spiritual Successor “Mighty No. 9” [UPDATE]

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mightyno9Since Capcom isn’t doing anything with the Mega Man franchise, its creator has taken matters into his own hands.

[UPDATE: Mighty No. 9 has surpassed 100% of its initial funding goal]

Unfortunately, the magical world of publisher ownership has made it so Keiji Inafune cannot continue his own creation under his new company, Comcept, so he has decided to blend the best of retro gameplay with modern technology to create Mighty No. 9.  Inafune isn’t the only Mega Man veteran involved in Mighty No. 9, however, as composer Manami Matsumae, level designer Kimo Kimo, artist Shinsuke Komaki, developer Takuya Aizu, and director Koji Imaeda round out the crew of seasoned professionals.

As of the writing of this article, the Kickstarter campaign for Mighty No. 9 is already two-thirds of the way to its $900,000 goal with 30 days left, but this goal is only for a PC release of the game. To see the game on modern consoles, the company will require a $2.5 million stretch goal. The entire development process will be documented by 2 Player Productions, the film company behind Minecraft: The Story of Mojang and the Double Fine Adventure development logs.

Open your hearts (and wallets) and give generously to Mighty No. 9!

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