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Katsura Hoshino’s Art Book Headed Stateside

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Viz Media just announced that a 100 page art book by the creator of D.Gray-Man is headed to the US next week. I am excite.

It’s been a while since I’ve nerded out about manga so I guess it’s time to let you in on a little unknown about me. I’m a huge fan of Hoshino-san’s work. Hell, any fan of the graphic art medium can see that her work belongs in galleries along with other illustrators like Joe Mad or even CLAMP (yes I went there).

The book is titled D-Gray-Man Illustrations: Noche and is a collection of full-color character art, original compositions, and various magazine covers that she’s drawn over the years. There’s even a bit of an omake to the fans of Shonen Jump who might not check out the full tankobon volumes of D.Gray-Man in the form of a Q&A session between her, Takeshi Obata (Bakuman and DeathNote), and Osamu Akimoto who is one of the most prolific Shonen Jump creators of all time…considering his series has crossed the 1700 chapter mark (meaning 170+ volumes).

The book will be available on the 6th of December for the reasonable MSRP of $21.99 through Viz Media, buy it at your favorite manga/anime/weeaboo shop near you…try Barnes & Noble.

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