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Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners Available On PSN… For Rental

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Though I am usually against renting, the fact that Aniplex decided to put all 7 OVAs of Kara no Kyoukai on PSN is freaking sweet, as even the casual anime watcher should check this series out.

For the uninitiated, Kara no Kyōkai is a seven episode OVA series based on light novels of the same name. Here’s the part where I’d give a minor opening plot summary, but in this case I really can’t for fear of ruining it. Garden of Sinners, as it is known on PSN, is a supernatural action anime with elements of both the thriller and horror genre. The animation is gorgeous, almost surreal at times, and makes the series that much better. It’s hard to explain without showing, so here’s a 5 minute clip of a fantastic scene from he first film.

Currently, you can rent each episode individually on PSN for 2.99 an episode. While it’s better than paying 400 dollars for the Blu-ray set (no joke, and it’s currently sold out), the biggest issue here is that the rentals are not in 1080p… which really defeats one of the shining points of the OVAs. However, if you’re just looking to check out a great series, or don’t have a 1080p television, then perhaps you should check out this much cheaper alternative on PSN.

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