Alan Smithee

Kane & Lynch 2 Trademarked

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Did you notice that the world’s atmosphere just got a bit thinner? I did…must have something to do with the sharp intake of oxygen everyone reading this must have just committed in the form of a huge 20-second-long yawn.

Ok, well for those of you that care (I liked the mediocre first game in the series, it had lots of cussing), the sequel name that was trademarked by Square-Enix Europe, previously Eidos, is Kane & Lynch: Dog Days. This leads me to believe there might be a bank robbery/hostage situation, sex-change operations, and bus rides to the airport…google Dog Day Afternoon kids, it’s a good movie.

I can’t wait to see what whacky antics the gaming journalism world will go through when this game is released. I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll see Jeff Gerstmann getting fired again for being honest with his review!

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