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Kairo Preorders are Now Available

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Nothing like a bit of self-deprecating humor to sell your game.

Kairo is the newest game by independent developer Richard Perrin, creator of the excellent point-and-click horror game the white chamber. If you like your games full of baddies, weapon upgrades, and large cutscenes on the effects of war, this isn’t the game for you. In Kairo, you find yourself exploring long abandoned monuments, watching their secrets unfold before you (maybe learning a bit about yourself in the process).

Right now, you can preorder a copy of this unique experience for $8. By doing so, you not only instantly secure yourself PC and Mac copies of the game before its commercial release, but you also will receive the current alpha build of the game. New alpha builds will then be received as more and more content is completed. Those wishing to show even more support for the game can purchase a Patron preorder, which at $60 includes everything mentioned above PLUS a signed DVD copy of the game upon its release and a special thanks in the game’s credits.

To understand why I had no hesitation in pre-ordering the Patron edition, you need only see the trailer below.

Secure your copy of Kairo at the official website.

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