Justin Bieber gets hit on stage by a water bottle.

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This is wrong… This is so wrong, but this is also really funny. I know laughing at this makes me a bad person, but this is just so funny.

(WPR Editors Note: Aidenrebirth is actually a huge Bieber fan, and he squeals like all the tween girls do whenever he sees a Bieber mention in ANYTHING.)

To be fair, Justin Bieber really didn’t deserve this. His only “crime” is making bad pop music for the tween set, and that hardly gives someone the right to hit him. At the same time I can’t help but laugh at this. I know this is textbook Schadenfreude, but I still feel bad for laughing.

Assault is never justified because you don’t like someone or their music. I feel bad for J. Bieber, I mean really the only person in the music industry who deserves to get hit in the head is Chris Brown.

*I wonder how much longer before Bieber and Twilight fade into obscurity.
*Is today’s stuff for kids really that stupid, or is our vision just clouded with adulthood.

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