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Just the Tips is a raunchy “sex guide” for everyone with a sense of humor

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Why is it no surprise that MATT FRACTION & CHIP ZDARSKY, creators of Sex Criminals comic puts out a sex guide called Just the Tips? Why it is more surprising that it’s a really, really fun thing to read?


Just the Tips
Creators: Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: Image Comics

Order Just The Tips HC to be delivered to you! So you can open it up at the mailbox and shout to the entire neighborhood your sex book just arrived.

Remember this simple mnemonic: “Feelin’ kinky? Stick in a pinky! Feelin’ romantic? Grab your cock and punch it as hard as you can.”

Such anecdotes are throughout this volume, including helpful imagery for sex positions you may (but really probably not, unless you’re SUPER KINKY) want to explore with your partner. “Erotic Stories”, First Times having Sex stories from readers, dirty talking tips to say during/before sex. Really, it’s just a funny book to go through that really has a high extertainment value. No, not THAT kind of value! It’s isn’t porn, I mean, maybe, but…hey, put that thing away!

Here was I?

Just the Tips will give you enough laughs that if you read it with someone you want to engage in sex with, you just might get lucky(er). Through the works of Fraction and Zdarsky they bring something that is really a fit for those of us in the Millenial/Gen-X generation. This probably isn’t something you want to read with your mom, unless your mom is cool. Then you can read it with her. You freaking weirdo, why are you reading a sex book with your mom?

Seriously, how can you not become a better sexer with tips like these?

It’s fun to have sex in the bath! You can pretend you’re Aquaman except you’re getting laid.

Ever try role-playing in the bedroom? Pretend you’re a randy druid looking for some hot chaotic-neutral elf action before winter’s solstice and the return of the ninth age of the dragonborn.

The one sex move guaranteed to drive him wild? Manipulate his penis until he ejaculates. You can use your hand, mouth, lady-business, or really pretty much anything. Just, y’know. It’s pretty easy. Men. Eesh.

If you want to give this a book for that geek in your life that makes your sex parts tingle, I suggest you give them this. You may not explore many of the tips inside the 97 pages, but you might like that sex images, I mean…educational visuals. Just make sure you donate this to your local library when you are done with it so that someone can have an awkward conversation with the old lady librarian.

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