Just Cause 2 demo coming March 4th

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Mike Oldman, Square Enix community manager, has today announced a demo for the upcoming Just Cause 2.  He detailed what would be featuring in it via an interview with Just Cause 2 fan site Panau Island. The facts are;

– One multi-stage faction mission will be available to play

– A racing challenge will also be available

– The demo boundary will be a 35 square mile radius, which you are free to explore without attempting any missions.

– All of Rico’s abilities in the full game will be available in the demo

Later, Oldman announced via his Twitter account that the demo will be released on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam on March 4th, which is next Thursday.


I have some hope for this game. The concept of the first game seemed brilliant. Essentially, you were the star of a huge 80s style action film. Unfortunately, the game was a mess and couldn’t live up to the promise. It looks like Avalanche Studios have put a lot of work into the sequel from simple elements such as graphics to the sheer amount of things you can do and play around with in this sandbox game. I just hope the game-play can match it this time around. As for the demo itself, it sounds promising but I remain sceptical about the “35 square mile radius” claim but then I remember the demo for the first game was pretty big so I hope this is the same. It’ll certainly be worth checking out when its released next Thursday.


Panau Island

Mike Oldman’s Twitter

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