Is Jurassic World Worth Your Money?

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 Jurassic World

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Writers: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Colin Trevorrow

Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson

After over a decade in “development hell” the gods finally deemed the world ready for a fourth Jurassic Park movie. While the potential cast has changed over the years they seem to have settled on the currently relevant Chris Pratt, the very talented ginger Bryce Dallas Howard, trained raptors with GoPro’s and a GMO super dinosaur. Which to my surprise worked really well together.

If you have no clue to what this installment is about I’ll wrap it up for you in a nice little bow. Jurassic Park is now a successful fully operational park called Jurassic World. They even upgraded the logo. To draw more visitors the park decides to design their own dinosaur. Of course they go over the top and make it scarier than a dinosaur needs to be. When this uber predictor decides to use it’s cunning to escape its closure Chris’s Pratt takes it into his own hands to track it down. Did I mention his job on the island is training raptors? What his intentions were for is unclear but he is employed by In-Gen Sexurity who of course want to use them in warfare and for other nefarious reasons. Not going to lie, I’m mildly concerned the next movie in the series will be called Jurassic Warfare.

To the people whom are skeptical about this movie like I was going into this screening I have to say you need to give it a chance. The CGI was better than the original trailers portrayed it to be. The story makes sense and really should be the sequel to the first one. Most of all this movie is entertaining.

To the people whom are excited for this movie. The people that think it’s going to be the best movie of the summer. I have to say stop being stupid. This movie is large amounts of dumb. Big dumb fun is how I’d described it. Yes I’ve used that expression here before, but it fits well. The plot has holes, the dialogue is tacky at times, and this movie is horribly hypocritical! The script is fairly critical of product placement. In fact it’s used as a plot device to explain why they’re making a GMO super dino. Of course the movie itself is filled with product placements by Samsung and Mercedes. Are we really supposed to believe a mark full of tens of thousands of people and everyone owns a Samsung Galaxy? The kids, the adults, I’m pretty sure one of the trained raptors had one.

The bad parts of this movie are bad enough that they’re funny. The good parts are…well…good, and that’s good enough. There’s very little lame in-between. Do yourself a favor and take the kids to see Jurassic World so they can see their first on screen deaths. It’s a family movie after all. Right?

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