Ryan Thomason

Jurassic Park 3D is Well Worth Revisiting the Franchise

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I was a little more excited than usual to see this movie in 3D, Jurassic Park was a big movie in my childhood and brought lots of reflection. Apparently I’m not the only one.


On the car ride to the theater for the press screening, my father, mother in law and myself talked about the first time we saw Jurassic Park. I was a youngin, my Uncle Tony took my cousins and I to see it, I don’t remember a lot of going to movies in my childhood so this one always stood out. I remember jumping up in my chair when the Raptors were in the kitchen with the kids, and when the one raptor poked it’s head through the vent, my child self jumped very much in his seat.

I had the same experience in the 3D version, and I knew it was coming. Basically do this one thing, think of all of those scenes as a kid where you thought “Whoa!” Now, imagine that scene poking your right in the face. It was really a fun and incredible experience that I think everyone should enjoy. I can’t really give it a proper review. It’s JURASSIC PARK, in 3 ‘frigging D. If you had any sliver of love or even a simple like of Jurassic Park, you’ve got to see it in 3D.

My only negative thoughts are thusly: 3D Imax is super cool and all, but damn, it’s hard when the screen is SO HUGE to see everything. That might just be me though. Second, I really, really, REALLY wanted to take my 5 year old to the movie. He’s fascinated by dinosaurs and wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up. After seeing the movie again, I remembered how he might just not be old enough to watch it just yet.

Go see this damn movie already, talk to your movie going companions before it starts, try to remember how the scenes went. It’s a great ride, and will be well worth the 3D prices, even the added IMAX screening prices.

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