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July’s 100 albums for 5 dollars

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Every month Amazon features 100 albums for only 5 dollars a piece. This is usually how I stock up on cool new music and back catalog items I may have missed from many of my favorite bands.

This month’s have many bands that I wanted to try out but didn’t want to spent full price on like
The Head And The Heart which was suggested to me by SiriusZombie, who is a big fan of indie and acoustic style music and from what I heard of them I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record. One of my favorite bands from the 60s and early 70s has their greatest hits on sale Guess Who Greatest Hits while they are best known for “American Woman” my favorite song by them is “No Sugar Tonight” and “Hand me down World”. Maybe you want to pick up Disintegration (Remastered) The Cure which brings you back to the neo romantic world of the 1980s. A few others I would suggest are Dashboard Confessional Alter The Ending , The Aquabats Hi-Five Soup!, and Alkaline Trio This Addiction…all of which are some of my favorite bands ever.

I know a lot of people on our site like geeky stuff and the only real record among them that could fit the bill for what we all love on this site that encompasses at least mostly watch and play is Tim and Eric Awesome Record, Great Songs. Doo Dah DOO DOO.

I’m sure there are many others you would suggest. So please make them known in the comments below.


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