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Judge John Hodgman Adjudicates Your Face

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If you’re looking for another podcast to drown out the barking dogs and/or constant, derisive laughter inside your head, then look no further than the Judge John Hodgman Podcast.

For those not familiar with John Hodgman, he is the PC in those PC vs Mac ads, has made several appearances on The Daily Show, and is the author of The Areas of My Expertise and More Information Than You Require, which you should also check out if your interests include the origin story of lobsters (the furry kind, of course), Con jobs involving ferrets, and other topics that make up COMPLETE WORLD KNOWLEDGE.

In the podcast, Judge John Hodgman (admittedly with no legal training and absolutely no authority whatsoever) deals out swift and cold justice on domestic disputes, such as the case of whether dish soap or hand soap should go in that little pump next to the kitchen sink, as well as quandaries that have plagued mankind for centuries, like whether machine guns are robots.

The episodes come out weekly and are a nice, bite-sized length, usually around 20 minutes or so, and if you have a burning complaint against a friend or relative, you could possibly take it before the judge himself and be subtly made fun of by a minor television personality. Give it a shot if you don’t have enough crap to listen to  on your daily commute to the coal mine, or whatever it is you do.

You can find all the necessary info to listen and subscribe here.

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