Ryan Wilson

Ju-On: The Grudge Video Game Ships Today, Has Weird Multiplayer

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Ju-On: The GrudgeWhile I cannot vouch for how good this game will be (though its $30 price tag could say a lot), I must admit it got my attention.  Not for its single player, mind you.  Fatal Frame has cornered the market of “scary asians and flashlights”.  I instead applaud the rather absurd multiplayer function to this game.  While some games will just throw in another character for the second player to play without a moment’s thought, Ju-On allows the second player to play “total dickhead”.  Yes, the second player’s solitary purpose in the game is to scare the living shit out of their friend, with a simple press of the button.  Got $30 bucks burning through your pocket and want the satisfaction of causing your friend to void their bowels?  Then give Ju-On: The Grudge a shot!

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