Joystick-it for gaming on touch screens

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One problem with your tablet or smart phone is that you can’t do a proper hadouken smoothly.  This little ThinkGeek invention solves that problem.

One of the new areas of gaming is emerging on tablet PCs, iPads, and smartphones.  They mostly have intuitive interfaces that use the touchscreen capabilities.  Angry Birds is a prime example.  They also have emulator programs you can get that allow you to play NES or SNES games.  Sweet action.  Only problem is when you attempt to do anything with the touchscreen based D-pad.  This little joystick that Thinkgeek made, fixes this.  It sticks to and works with your capacitive touch screen allowing smooth transitions from one button to another.  It may be a little big for a phone, but I don’t doubt they’ll come up with a smaller version soon.

Joystick-it at Thinkgeek

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