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‘Journey to Xibalba’ Ends the Falling Skies: Mole Hunt – That Has Been Season 3

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Alright, this is the big buildup episode before the Season 3 Finale, and we got…things, accomplished.


Spoilers Ahoy!

Alright, this episode is going to be hard to talk about without giving away any major plot points. But, it aired already so, check out TNT’s Falling Skies website to get caught up.

So, the game of whack a Mole is finally over. Well, or is it? Karen seems to be able to infect people with the eye bugs pretty easily. WPR writer Brian West and I were talking about how she could have just infected 10 people and blew things up quickly and ended the resistance in 2 episodes. That’s not good TV though. Lourdes/Karen seem to have laid out their last ditch effort to put an end to the resistance before the humans and Vohm could take out the secret weapon and crush the defense grid. Which apparently is on a timer because everyone knows they’ll be dead in exactly three months if they can’t knock the grid down. I forget the logic behind that, maybe I missed it in some episode.

FS_EP9_CochiseLourdes/Karen ends up being able to wipe out the whole Vohm facility, except for Cochise. Who I think it’s safe to say has humanity’s best interests at heart after this episode. Plus, he doesn’t seem to have much a choice since everyone else in his Vohm landing party is dead. I don’t know how a human medical Dr. would have been able to infiltrate the Vohm compound but we’ll just let that be. She manages to blow up/collapse most of the mall structure the resistance lives in, but gets caught in the process.

Really, that’s it for the episode. It was fun, I was captivated the whole time; since I looked at my notes afterward and all I wrote was the title of the episode. The long running cat and mole (oh, I’m so amusing myself) game that was pretty much season 3 is over. Hal had the bug liquidated out of him and then cured. Will the same happen for Lourdes? I was actually hoping her character would meet a more…permanent end. Now, the show can get back to focusing on humanity fighting the Espheni head on, which is was drew me into the show initially. While I liked some of the more Spy Games aspect of this season, it was wearing thin toward the end.

Now that 9 episodes are over, there is only the Falling Skies Season 3 Finale left. With a lot to accomplish, I’m very excited to see how it turns out. Though, I’ll be sad that once again my favorite summer show will be over until next summer.

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